Keith White


KEITH WHITE is the one-man superband and has been the Club's resident muso for over 4 years. Here are his dates for the rest of 2017:



All shows start 5.30pm


Friday, December 15
      Members Night



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Events coming up at the Club


Sunday sessions are back!  We've got plenty of great, live entertainment coming to the club over the next few months!


Sunday Sessions


Wilbur Wilde and the Troublemakers


19th November: Wilbur Wilde & Trouble Makers





26th November: Madllips



Wendy Stapleton, Paul Norton & Gerry Hale


3th December: Wendy Stapleton, Paul Norton & Gerry Hale



10th December: Ruckus



Lazy Boys


17th December: The Lazy Boys



Annual events at the Club


Australia Day Anzac Day Remembrance Day